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SouthPoint invests in entrepreneurially run agencies that are focused on accelerating the underlying value of their agency by executing a two-pronged strategy of acquisition and organic growth.

Key Differentials

  • Agency Principals maintain Management Role
  • Agency preserves Name Identity
  • SouthPoint provides growth through access to capital without personal recourse
  • SouthPoint empowers agencies to execute an acquisition strategy with legal and accounting support

Success Strategy

Identify Opportunities

We invest in firms that we expect to be successful in their own right, and we are committed to helping agency partners identify opportunities for further growth through add-on acquisitions and leveraging the benefits of economies of scale to drive organic growth. This allows you to gain access to additional insurance markets for your agency, acquire and merge agencies, and grow the value of your agency.

Proven Framework

Each core investment is negotiated individually within a proven framework based on the specific characteristics of the firm and the goals of its principals. The specific structure of each investment is tailored to meet the needs of the individual partner.

Investment Structure

SouthPoint’s investment structure aligns the interests of the agency partner, its clients, and SouthPoint.  Agency management retain control of the day-to-day operational management and distinct culture that has shaped the success of their agency.

Growth Strategy

Participation in Upside

The growth and performance of the agency is directly reflected in the value of their interest. It isn’t impacted by other agency operations. Top performing agency partners typically double revenue in 5 years through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth. SouthPoint’s model provides material participation in the growth and performance of the agency to those managers who are most responsible for continuing to build value.

Operation Autonomy

Agency managers remain in place, working to increase the value of the firm, which maintains its name and leadership structure. SouthPoint’s involvement is centered on long-term strategy and growth initiatives rather than day-to-day operations, so agency leaders can focus on what they do best—running a successful business.

Realization of Agency Value, Perpetuation, and Succession Planning

Agency managers immediately realize the value of their agency while at the same time ensuring the continuity of the agency’s operation and leadership teams. Furthermore, agency managers create long-term succession solutions for the leadership transition to the next generation of agency leaders. These flexible strategies provide for a seamless transition and perpetuation process that benefits management as well as customers.

Economies of Scale

Agency managers have access to best practices, new markets, strategic support and enhanced operational capabilities. SouthPoint coordinates access to shared administrative programs such as comprehensive benefit package, 401(k) plans, and agency E&O coverage.

CEO Tracy Lomax
Tracy H. Lomax

President, CEO
Tracy Lomax is the President and Chief Executive Officer at SouthPoint Risk Advisors. He has over 20 years of industry experience through time with Allstate Insurance Company, State Auto, and SouthPoint Risk Advisors. He has spent his entire career in the insurance industry. Tracy serves as a panel member on multiple Insurance Advisory Boards. Tracy was raised in West Tennessee and later attended the University of Tennessee at Martin, where he earned his Bachelor of Administration degree in Business Management.

VP, COO, and CFO David Aldridge
David B. Aldridge

Vice President, COO & CFO

David Aldridge is responsible for all aspects of SouthPoint Risk Advisors financial reporting, accounting management and capital management. He is also in charge of mergers and acquisitions for SouthPoint. Prior to joining SouthPoint in January 2014, Mr. Aldridge was Vice President and CFO of Essex Technology Group, a leading reverse logistics company. He began his career at Athens Paper Company working in both the insurance and accounting fields. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

VP of Merger and Acquisitions George Furlong
George Furlong

VP of Mergers and Acquisitions

George Furlong is the newest member of SouthPoint’s merger and acquisition
team, joining them in January 2016. Prior to that Mr. Furlong spent 40
years with State Auto Insurance Company, the last 20 as President of their
Southern Region. He earned his Bachelors degree in Finance from the
University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

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